The Artist Visits

In 2012 Mobile Art School brought nine artists to do a series of artist-led workshops with one 5th class in St. Catherine’s National School in Rush, county Dublin. The aim was to connect primary school children and cutting-edge contemporary art practitioners in a creatively rich context that enabled the exploration of the diverse range of media and concerns employed by today’s visual artists.

Ruth Lyons / Moving Image
Isabel Nolan / Sculpture
Felicity Clear / Drawing
Sven Anderson / Sound
Tamarin Norwood / Art-writing
Emma Haugh / Photography
Mark Garry / Found Object
Michelle Browne / Performance
Michelle Browne / Participatory
Vera Klute / Painting

Emma Haugh: Emma worked with the children to investigate aspects of representation through photographic portraiture, paying particular attention to how light can be used to create certain atmospheres and considering constructed and documentary photographic approaches.

Isabel Nolan: Using everyday materials and found objects the children created sculptural elements that they imagined might exist in a parallel world with differing conditions (such as human beings not wearing shoes or there being continual daylight). In doing so the intention was to develop their understanding of cause and effect by discussing how small changes can have big consequences as well as to instigate a discussion about what it means to represent familiar things in a strange way.

Sven Anderson: Sven worked with the children on combining field recordings originating from different natural and urban environments into Impossible Ecologies, acoustical assemblages in which the sounds of animals and locations which could not exist together in reality are allowed to converge in the form of temporary multi-channel sound installations.