IMMA Summer Rising

In the summer of 2014 Mobile Art School worked outside the school context with artists Ruth Lyons and Karl Burke at The Irish Museum of Modern Art’s garden festival Summer Rising. These rolling family workshops ran all day and could be joined at any time.

For her workshop Ruth Lyons drew on her previous work The Ecstasy of Power, 2009 to create a workshop where families worked together to create ‘prismic light-catchers’ that involved working with the diffraction of light. This workshop was ideal for the outdoor context. Participants were able to bring their creation home or to add it to the spontaneously initiated collective sculpture that began on the surrounding bushes.

Artist Karl Burke presented the medium of sculpture. The workshop involved the building or constructing together of lengths of colored wood, which are attached by the use of cable ties. Similar to the act of drawing, drawing in the conventional two-dimensional sense, this workshop involves the act of drawing in three dimensions. The primary motivation of this workshop is to respond to site, space or place.

To see a video of Karl Burke’s workshop, visit the following link: