Belfast Exposed Presentation

Symposium in partnership with Visual Artists Ireland
Belfast Exposed

To accompany the How We Learn exhibition, Belfast Exposed brought together guest speakers who are involved in a diverse range of projects and organisations that deal with questions around collaborative practice between artists and children.

This symposium took the form of four presentations about recent projects between children, artists, organisations and schools. This will then be followed by a discussion based around several key questions on authorship, motivation, mediation of this work and how these projects sit within a broader contemporary art discourse.

Mobile Art School curator Jennie guy presented documentation of Rhona Byrne’s recent residency with St. Catherines NS. A video of this presentation can be found at the following link:


Marysa Dowling (Artist, London)
Annie Bicknall (Curator, TATE, London)
Jennie Guy (Curator, Mobile Art School, Dublin)
Orla Kenny and Ann Donnelly (Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership, Sligo)