Jennie Guy is an artist, researcher, and independent curator based in Dublin. She is a founder and director of Mobile Art School, a project that aims to disseminate contemporary art practices within a primary and secondary school context, 2011-2014. She is interested in expanding the relationships between students, schools, artists, curators, and exhibition venues and is currently evolving a strategic methodology that highlights the potential of creative and evaluative documentation. Recently Jennie has been involved in a research residency in RUA RED, and developing a new series of arts in education projects between Dublin, Wicklow, Roscommon, and Monaghan. She holds a Masters in Visual Arts Practices, IADT, Dunlaoghaire, Dublin and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & History, Trinity College Dublin. She is currently an associate researcher with the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM). /

Cleo Fagan is a curator based in Dublin. She is interested in work that shrinks the distance between audience and artwork and makes the audience a participant in the work. The idea of art as a gift is one that occupies her practice: a gift that potentially invites thought, questioning, a sense of vitality, possibility and perhaps empowerment in those that feel invited to openly encounter it. Outside of a small art fluent audience she questions how receptive the public is to this gift. These central motivations involving audience expansion and the consideration of notions of self-actualisation fused to result in her work with Mobile Art School.