Founded by Jennie Guy and Cleo Fagan, Mobile Art School an art-in-education initiative has aimed to expose and connect young audiences to the richness of national and international contemporary art. Mobile Art School has run artist-led workshops and in-school artist residency programmes connecting artists, students and schools in a shared educational and creative context.

Mobile Art School, 2012 – 2014, has acted as an independent curator-led consultancy, providing a structure of communication and elucidation between artists and schools, and a lateral conduit between contemporary art networks and new audiences, extending from participating students to their parents, families, and wider communities.

The main objective of this program has been to mediate vibrant encounters with contemporary art for children, artists were given the brief to design their workshops / residency through the lens of their own practice. Facilitated visual research and discussion on the work of national and international artists was core. In terms of art-making activity, emphasis was placed on experimentation, process and the diversity of media and approaches present in contemporary art practice.

Past partners include: St. Catherine’s National School, Rush, County Dublin; Whitecross National School, Julianstown, County Meath; Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford; TULCA Contemporary Visual Arts Festival, Galway ; The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford, Blessington Community College, Co. Wicklow, Wicklow County Council, Mermaid Arts Centre and the Arts Council.

Mobile Art School would like to thank all participants, artists, partners and funders for their brilliant support and crucial involvement.